A compilation of quotes and stories about everything from the beautiful mind of Dick Gregory

Verlag: Blue Ring Press
Erstveröffentlichung: 2021
Herausgeber:innen: Kenn McFadden, Hong Kong / United Kingdom
Sprache(n): Englisch
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ISBN: 9781916399204
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Schriften: Suisse Intl, Suisse Intl Condensed (Swiss Typefaces), GT Flexa Variable Beta (Grillitype)

Klappentext: To really understand Dick Gregory, one must have a threedimensional mindset. Without that, you will be lost in the source, thus not knowing when to eat the meat and spit out the bone. It’s really simple, once a person does their best to live their lives in a pattern that mirrors nature as closely as possible, most of the bullshit disappears. Now that may sound unreasonable to most people, since most folks are caught up in their own fake immortality. You see, when it doesn’t make sense, it’s because it’s not supposed to. Dick forces us to read between the lines, no matter the blur, which allows us to laugh at ourselves. But the bottom line is we must remember a few things in this life — we need to come to the realisation that we really do not have as much control as we think we have, as well as coming to terms with the fact that we are not really qualified and that when it’s all said and done, it’s really none of our damn business — and that’s what DICK SAID.